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HOT/MLT/730 is a hot melt adhesive film on a release paper backing, which is applied to the article you wish to veneer using a domestic iron on a medium setting.

As with any adhesive the substrate must be, clean, dry, smooth and free of dust, grease, wax & any other contaminates before application.

Once the HOT/MLT/730 film has been applied to the substrate and cooled, remove the backing paper from the glue film, the surface is now ready to accept the wood veneer of one's choice.
At this point your iron should be turned up to it's maximum setting, i.e. 200ยบ c.
When applying the wood veneer it is advisable to use a sheet of brown wrapping paper between the wood veneer and the iron to avoid scorching,
(avoid printed paper or the release paper backing)

Do not use the release paper backing as the wax release coating will either be forced into the veneer, making finishing difficult, or coat your iron with wax.

The setting time of HOT/MLT/730 is practically instant, depending on the temperature of the actual glue.
For instance, if one follows the hot iron instantly with a cold heavy metal object
(such as the face of a carpenter's jointing hammer or old fashioned smoothing iron) applying pressure as one goes,
not only will the curing time be greatly reduced, but bubbles or wrinkling can be eliminated.
If applying wrinkly or burr veneer it is sometimes advisable to double up on the hot melt film.

Hot melt adhesive film is also very economical because even small pieces can be patched together to cover large areas.

Not suitable for veneers over 0.8mm thick.