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All Bandings are 1 mt long & approx 0.7 mm thick to allow for flatting down to 0.6mm standard veneer unless otherwise stated.
Bandings can be sent either SD (standard delivery 3-5 working days) £04.98 / PD (priority delivery 1-2 working days) £09.44 / or ED (economy delivery) from as little as £02.75
NB if using ED (economy delivery) your bandings will be cut into 3 x 330mm lengths to accommodate dispatch via Royal Mail, 1st class post.

Band No 220 Band No 235 Band No 2360

No 220 Approx 2mm No 235 Approx 1.8mm & 1.8mm sq No 236 Approx 2mm & 2mm sq

Band No 23 Square Band No 8A Band No 87 Band No 3A

No 23 Approx 3mm No 8A Approx 3mm No 87 Approx 3mm No 3A Approx 3mm

Band No 94 Band No 15 Band No 233 Band No 233R

No 94 Approx 3mm No 15 Approx 3mm No 233 Approx 3mm No 233R Approx 3mm

Tulipwood BX 4mm Tulipwood BL 4mm Satinwood 4mm

Tulipwood BX Approx 4mm Tulipwood BL Approx 4mm Satinwood Approx 4mm

Band No 46 Band No 74

No 46 Approx 5mm No 74 Approx 5mm

Band No 141 Band No 234 Band No 159

No 141 Approx 5mm No 234 Approx 5mm No 159 Approx 5mm

Band No 84A Band No 85 Band No 237 Band No 76

No 84A Approx 5mm No 85 Approx 5mm No 237 Approx 5mm No 76 Approx 5mm

Band No 231A Tulipwood BL 6mm Tulipwood BX 6mm Satinwood 6mm

No 231A Approx 6mm Tulipwood BL Approx 6mm Tulipwood BX Approx 6mm Satinwood Approx 6mm

Walnut Feather 6mm Band No 78 Kingwood 6mm Band No 60

Walnut Feather Approx 6mm No 78 Approx 6mm Kingwood Approx 6mm No 60 Approx 6mm

Band No 68 Band No 103 Band No 45 Band No 30

No 68 Approx 7mm No 103 Approx 7mm No 45 Approx 7mm No 30 Approx 7mm

Band No 72 Band No 63 Band No 4703

No 72 Approx 7mm No 63 Approx 7mm No 4703 Approx 7mm

Walnut Feather 10mm Satinwood 10mm Tulipwood BL 10mm Tulipwood BX 10mm

Walnut Feather Approx 10mm Satinwood Approx 10mm Tulipwood BL Approx 10mm Tulipwood BX Approx 10mm

Band No 48 Tulipwood Box Line 10mm Kingwood 10mm

No 48 Approx 10mm Tulipwood Box Line only Approx 10mm Kingwood Approx 10mm

Walnut Feather 13mm Satinwood 13mm Tulipwood BL 13mm Tulipwood BX 13mm

Walnut Feather Approx 13mm Satinwood Approx 13mm Tulipwood BL Approx 13mm Tulipwood BX Approx 13mm

Kingwood 13mm

Kingwood Approx 13mm

Walnut Feather WL 16mm Walnut Feather 16mm

Walnut Feather WL Approx 16mm Walnut Feather 16mm

Walnut Feather WL 19mm

Walnut Feather WL Approx 19mm

Tulipwood BL 22mm Satinwood BL 22mm

Tulipwood BL Approx 22mm Satinwood Approx 22mm